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Online Nutritional Audit - 3 Sessions

Uncover your nutrition Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats

Service Description

BEFORE YOU COMMIT TO A NUTRITIONAL AUDIT I INVITE YOU FOR A FREE ONLINE CONSULTATION TO SEE IF KITCHEN THERAPY IS RIGHT FOR YOU. The first step to successfully losing weight and reversing obesity or type 2 diabetes is understanding what led to them. As soon as you know the "why,"what to do and how to do it become crystal clear. My nutritional audit is an invaluable investment into your future because it exposes all the past choices, habits and practices that have resulted in insulin resistance, the accumulation of visceral fat, inflammation, fatigue, depression, gut issues and so many other illnesses you may be dealing with. This comprehensive 3-part evaluation of your current nutritional health exposes your diet & health-related strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats, shedding new light and insight on the factors that led to obesity, type 2 diabetes, weight gain or other health conditions you want to resolve. The three parts include: Part 1: A lengthy initial interview and questionnaire session that can take up to two hours designed to get to the core of your current health situation. Part 2: A second 60 min report of my conclusions followed by a detailed plan of action with specific goals and protocols. Part 3: A third 45 min follow-up approximately three to four weeks later to measure your progress and agree on next steps. Price includes VAT

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