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30-Day Reboot BASIC

A journey into your health to uncover your weaknesses & threats & attack them with a plan of action

Service Description

INCLUDES: IN-DEPTH ANALYSIS OF YOUR NUTRITIONAL STRENGTHS, WEAKNESSES, OPPORTUNITIES & THREATS 30-DAY PLAN OF ACTION FREE CONSULTATIONS DURING THE PROGRAM Get a Nutritional Audit and put yourself on a path to sustained weight loss, holistic health and physical and mental wellbeing. Kitchen Therapy believes the only way to successfully losing weight and reverse obesity, type 2 diabetes or other illnesses is understanding what led to them and identifying the root causes. The Nutritional Audit is a journey of education and insight into your own health and wellbeing to expose the dietary habits, lifestyle choices and other factors that led to your health issues. After an initial questionnaire which takes about two hours, we will evaluate the data and follow up a week later with a detailed personalized report that identifies your nutritional Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Based on your report, Kitchen Therapy will then create a personalized 30-day plan of action that targets the root causes of your weight gain, obesity, type 2 diabetes or other health issues through diet, new food prep & cooking techniques as well as other lifestyle interventions. Take the first important step toward sustained weight loss and real health. Reboot, restore, reinvigorate and reclaim your health today with a 30-Day Reboot. *Note: When you book a 30-Day Reboot you will only book the date and time of the first session. The following session will be booked after the first session based on the recommendation of your coach.

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