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Unleash the healing powers hidden inside your food

October 26,
6:30 - 9:30 pm,
Chefparade, Prague 7
Holešovice Market

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workshop Theme

Discover exciting, nutritious-meets-delicious alternatives to pasta, noodles & rice and a new arsenal of easy, go-to, crave-worthy recipes that conceal powerful healing properties and unlock your body's ability to burn fat, regulate blood sugar, nourish your cells, replenish damaged tissue, reduce inflammation and restore organ function for sustained weight loss and holistic health.

Learn new cooking techniques that maximize the powerful healing properties hidden inside everyday foods and lead to weight loss and the reversal of all those diet-related conditions that build up over the years as a result of poor lifestyle choices.


Get invaluable new information about what causes weight gain and all the health problems that follow. Because it's never too late to turn your health around.

Join us at Chefparade located in the Prague Holešovice Market for a whole new perspective on healthy cooking and spend a pleasant evening with like-minded foodies who share your nutritional goals.

Workshop agenda

Carbs That Steal. Carbs That Heal

Discover which carbs that are slowly stealing your health away and the many readily available and tasty alternatives that can repair the damage and still delight your tastebuds. Learn about the glycemic index and how to use it to keep your carb intake from leading to weight gain and the nutrition-related problems that threaten to follow.

Repurposing ingredients & reimagining some of your favorite recipes

This fun class introduces students to the arsenal of foods they should be eating everyday for optimal health, and all the convenient and delicious ways to work them into to your daily diet in exciting way you may not have considered.

Meal Planning Master Class

Preparing healthy food in advance for the whole week makes it really easy to stick to your life strategies and goals. This is the class for busy people who want to master the art of staying on top of their health when life just won't seem to let them slow down.

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