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Learn new, effective nutritional, weight loss & lifestyle strategies

Service Description

BEFORE YOU COMMIT TO AN ONLINE CALL I INVITE YOU FOR A FREE ONLINE CONSULTATION TO SEE IF KITCHEN THERAPY IS RIGHT FOR YOU. Online sessions take place over Zoom and take the form of interactive video discussions about your nutrition history in an attempt to arrive at the causes of whatever condition or problem you want to resolve. We'll look at visuals and video content, complete nutrition and lifestyle questionnaires and agree on structured steps you can take on your own that will get you closer to your long-term objectives. And we'll devise a way of working that enables us to measure your progress together. Your weight problem, type 2 diabetes, digestive issues and the emotional and psychological effects they have on you are all real health conditions that started somewhere in your past. For most people they are rooted in poor dietary and lifestyle choices. The good news is, they can usually be treated and cured! Together we will map out a plan to get your weight down and keep it off. We'll learn how to jumpstart your metabolism and develop new techniques for keeping insulin production down while increasing insulin sensitivity - the keys to accessing your body's fat stores for fuel and maintaining the healthy body weight that's been eluding you for so long. The secret to living longer, healthier and leaner is no secret at all. Let's get started! Price includes VAT

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